Required checks successful but merge disabled


I’ve set one required check that will validate the pull request title when targeting certain protected branches.

In this case the check failed when the pull request was raised, the pull request title was correctly changed and then the subsequent check was successful. However, the merge button is still disabled and displays a message saying required statuses must pass before merging.

Am I misunderstanding checks and statuses? Can you help me identify the issue?

A screenshot and my workflow configuration are below.

name: Pull Request Validator

      - master
    types: ['opened', 'edited', 'reopened', 'synchronize']

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: jamesnswithers/basic-github-action@master

In your scenario, the status check of last commit (3980d0c) of the pull request is not pass. The workflow triggered by on pull_request event with edit type didn’t update the commit status from red cross to green mark. 

Could you please close the PR and then Reopen it? Or if it is possible you could make a code change to trigger workflow on pull_request event with synchronize type? 

Thanks for your help.

I have tried closing and reopening but no change. Because my workflow has the ‘reopened’ type set the check ran again, it was again successful but still merge is disabled.

I’m not sure I follow on the second idea. My workflow has the ‘synchronized’ type set already. Maybe I missed your point?


What I meant to suggest is to push a new change to let the check run again, if the check passed , the merge button will be enabled. 

For your current scenario, I have reported it to our engineering team, let’s wait for their response. 

Thanks, pushing an empty commit does allow the check to pass (after it is run again). This seems to be a workaround but not particularly optimal as will cause all checks to rerun (e.g. build) which can take a while.

I would still be interested to know if there is some bug here or if it’s my incorrect understanding/configuration.

Thanks again!


I could reproduce your issue in my side, and I really understand your confusion. 

Let’s wait for the confirmation of engineering team .