"Require status checks to pass before merging" missing status checks

I want to set “Require status checks to pass before merging” to true. However, I’m given a blank list of status checks to choose from.

I don’t understand why, as I have my github action set up, and it successfully runs and passes for an example pull request – test_PR by rijobro · Pull Request #1 · Project-MONAI/MONAI-extra-test-data · GitHub.

What do I need to do to populate the list of required actions?

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It doesn’t show the list as it did before. Instead you need to use the search field and add the checks you want.

Hm, when I search, nothing autofills. When I click enter, the page refreshes and the search bar returns to being blank. Any other ideas?

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Have you tried searching runtest? Checks are listed as the job names.

Thanks, that solved it!