Requesting Guidance

Hello, I am new to coding and currently learning python. I want to do a python project where I can take certain input, set parameters, and provide a proper output. What I want to do is to cut short the need for physical reference charts that people have to use after getting experimental values, burying their eyes where to find the corresponding inference. So I would like to make this software tool with all data present in my hands. I am confused about the project flow. If possible I would also like to make it online for easy accessibility all around the world. The idea is very simple but confused about how to translate.

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I have had issues with trying to find a learning path of where and how to start, thats why I am hoping to find some other people with little to no skill and push and teach one another as we work on projects together or independant

Yeah same here, i can recommend you some YouTube videos,which can help you get started

  1. For Python (

  2. For R (