Request to update branch protection name


Is there any way to change branch protection rule name? I want to change only the name, and not the rules themselves. I see a request is doing it, but I didn’t find that kind of request in the docs, and this is something that will be very helpful for my team.

Thanks you


wanted to see if there are ideas on this one, or if it is not possible

anyone, please, help?

Hi @matansocher welcome to the community! Apologies for the delay. For what I can find in our documentation this is possible via the UI only. Here is a link to the docs describing the configuration.

If changing the name via the API is a feature you’d like to request, the best place to submit feature requests and share more details about your use case is through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request.

Thanks @andreagriffiths11, will do that

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