Request to stop redefining the forward slash key (/) on the web site.

The normal function of the forward slash key in Firefox is to search in the current page. On the github web pages the key is redefined to do something different. I frequently want to search in github web pages and then always find myself typing in the “search or jump to” box, which is not what I intend to do. I hardly ever need that function.

I am aware that there are other ways to search in a page, but I’m used to using the “/” and hit it without even thinking. Web sites that don’t want to frustrate their visitors should leave well-known bindings alone.

So can someone please remove that annoying binding?


Hi @hvxl,

Thanks for this feedback! We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve shared your feedback with the appropriate teams for consideration.


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What I would like to add is that it would be nice if this could be made optional, because there are also a lot of people (including me) who do use the function.


Is there any progress on this? I would love to see this bug fixed. Websites, in most cases, doesn’t need to hijack usefull keyboard shortcuts. You can always use Meta(Win)+Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ or something different that is not already taken. Hijacking keys breaks consistency and leads to worse user experience.


Meanwhile the “appropriate teams” will consider anything you could use this solution as a workaround.

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Thanks. That helps a lot until they stop this keyboard remapping madness. Now they can even redefine the ‘n’-key to produce a ‘y’ for all I care!

I noticed today that this key hijacking practice is even much worse than I thought. When trying to enter a new issue report for a project on github, the Backspace and Delete keys are also not performing their normal function. Apparently the web site designers decided that it is not necessary to be able to delete a character once entered.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help to add these keys to the Greasemonkey script. So, they managed to find another way to frustrate users.


Ditto, and it creates some accessibility problems, which is important for moral/legal reasons.

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I had tried all sorts of options to stop the rebinding of the slash key (greasemonkey, etc). The easiest and best option was to install a Firefox Exension to prevent github from recklessly stealing focus/keybindings. 

You can find it with a simple google search “firefox prevent search hijacking” ( I am not affiliated with any of the devs)

It is sad when there are third party hacks for fixing your website, because of it’s faulty behavior.