Request To Approve Developer Program Request And Request For A Swag For UET Lahore

Dear Github Team,
I am Muhammad Abdullah an Administrator for GitHub Campus Program and an Assistant Ptofessor at UET Lahore Pakistan.

I need a Github Developer Pack as a teacher so please approve my request that I did today on

2nd, as a program admin, I need a developer swag for my students this semester. Kindly send me a swag back.

I will be grateful to you for this as replies are usually slow at email so I am rising issue at community page.

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:wave: Welcome!

I’m afraid we’re unable to view or process education applications. It’s a very busy time for our Education team, as I’m sure you can understand. Applications that require a manual review are currently taking up to six weeks to process.

Swag requests will also have to be processed through our Education team.

We appreciate your patience at this time.