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Hello team,
I’ve reaching the final stage of my webpage course. I find that the performance of github pages is very troublesome. Could someone put some table to put an estimated time it loads based on the KB or MB? It’s obvious to IT literate people like me that the number of htm / html pages would still depend on their sizes. I have to keep clearing the cache and checking my github page. I’m not happy with this.
Note: I had to delete my repository 2x and I’m still waiting.

See my screen shot - it’s past 20 mins and no repository. So what’s happening now?

I’m able to see my webpage now but the feature I requested should seriously be added.

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Hi @JulianHSC, when you’re talking about performance are you meaning the loading of your web page when visiting it in a browser or the building and deployment or your web page? From your message I believe it’s the latter, but I’m not sure!

As for the issue itself, GitHub Pages sites can take up to 10 minutes to build fully, and then another 10 to deploy across our CDNs, meaning your site could be in the build process for up to 20 minutes. It’s likely it will finish much faster than that, but it can take up to that time to fully finish deploying and your site is available.

Furthermore, if you visit your site’s URL before this process is finished and get a 404 page this page will actually be cached for another 5 or so minutes, meaning you may not be able to see your site even if it is actually deployed and available. You should be able to skip this cache by adding a URL parameter such as ?test to the end of your URL, or by visiting a different page on your site. Your browser may also be caching this locally so you may also need to empty your local cache too.

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Hi thomasshaped,

Sorry it took a month for my reply. I’ve been away from github and in many other different activities unrelated to github. I think you are not checking the issue properly. If you look at my screenshot, it does clearly say “” which means I’m trying to load all my websites and visiting / viewing in a browser. So yes, it means the first one.

Your answer is not good enough. You should know that a pandemic has taken place and depending on the country that we are in, the number of people working from home will be different. So please, just give an estimate. Try to think how long it might be.

For the record, I was enrolled in a building a website course and I found that sometimes, I have to delete my entire website as it won’t load even with ONE htm file. I have to re-do everything, which I find very troublesome. So you think and tell me if this makes sense or not. That’s why I’m opening this case. I hope you can reply and give a reasonable estimate.

Hi @JulianHSC, I’m afraid I’m still not sure exactly what your problem is—whether it’s an issue with deployment speed or simply visiting your page after it’s been successfully deployed.

As I mentioned in my previous answer, when you make changes to your site it can take up to 20 minutes for any changes to be deployed across our content delivery network. It is usually much faster but this is the maximum time it can take before it finishes or the build times out. If you were having trouble seeing specific files after adding or editing them it could be that you were trying to visit them before this process was completed.

If it’s the visiting of your page after deployment then this can unfortunately depend on a lot of factors, many that are outside of GitHub’s control, such a local network conditions and firewalls.

It looks like this repository has now been deleted however so it’s a little difficult to determine from my side what issues you were running into.

I was at my relatives place after i posted the webpages and I estimated in one occasion it took about 2-3 hours just to appear. I do not believe your 20 mins estimation is accurate at all. I prefer to say that your estimation is based on some mathematical calculation without considering the very high number of people working from home in the current pandemic situation. This is NOT a normal situation. So please don’t insist on playing defence with the “it should take about 20 mins” reply. As I stated, a massive number of people are now at home due to the pandemic, not just a few people to the point where my upload time should shock you.

I can upload the same set of webpages again. The only question is whether I’m lucky enough to have the same bad traffic so you can see the results, hopefully in some server log files. Let me know.