Request: change the flagging system

I have now been automatically flagged by the github spambot for the 2nd time! - simply by posting an issue on someone else’s repo…

This is unacceptable.

A punishment as serious as making a user’s github profile and repositories inaccessible, should only be dealt MANUALLY, after human review.

Some people’s livelihoods might depend on these being up, you know.

Even if you are under-staffed, I would argue it’s better to have the flagging system be “late” than to have your staff be assaulted by hordes of e-mails and support questions for false-positive account flaggings.

To the mods, please do not merge this topic with the existing topic called "my account is flagged "- as my question is entirely different from the ones in there, i am requesting a change in policy, not a fix for my personal situation.

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One more thing - the other harm that this automatic system does, is make users wary of using your website.

I, for one, am probably not ever going to post issues or comments, or interact with other people’s repositories anymore, since i am now all too aware of the risk of flagging associated with doing that.

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Hi @lexouduck,

GitHub’s community makes our platform a very attractive target to those who propagate spam. Out of necessity, we employ a host of tactics to proactively identify and hide accounts created with this purpose in mind.

I’m sorry to hear it sounds like we caught your mistake twice before we were finally able to set things right. If you continue to encounter trouble with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our Support team. In the meantime, we’ll continue to iterate on our methods in the hopes we can make experiences like yours less likely to occur down the road.