Reproducible Codespace Crash building Gradle/Gradle

Hi GitHub Team,

I’m able to create a pretty reliable crash of a GitHub Codespace on the very widely adopted OSS project, Gradle. Full disclosure, I’m also an employee of Gradle.

To reproduce the crash, create a codespace from the Gradle/Gradle repository.

Once this is complete, you can run a Gradle task that we regularly use as a baseline to check if a contribution is ready to push as a branch. This can be done by executing ./gradlew sanityCheck.

In my experience, the code space crashes after some period of executing this task. Most recently, the Gradle build survived ~8 min before crashing.

Jonathan Leitschuh
Gradle Security Software Engineer

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Check htop while the build is running - it is most likely running out of memory.

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That does indeed look like it is the issue here.