Repository search, language tally seems incorrect

I am wondering how the repository totals by language are worked out? I havce several repositories written in Perl. I can search for them, but in the language totals table, Perl doesn’t appear.

For example, search for: street address  parse

My repsoitory appears on second page of results,  kimryan/Lingua-EN-AddressParse

But language tally shows 1 repo for Elixir, Go and Haskell and none for Perl (when there is 1 repo)

My repo also has more stars then the Elixir etc ones

So the tally doesn’t seem accurate to me, unless I’m missing something.

It looks like it is showing only the first ten language results sorted first by number of results and then alphabetically by language name. Since there is only one Perl result and Elixir, Go, and Haskell sort alphabetically before Perl, it misses the cutoff. You’ll notice that Lua, R, and Typescript also aren’t in the list even though there is one repository that is marked as using each language in the list of results.

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