Repository.refs query beyond prefix not working

I need to filter by more than the prefix, and I can’t find any documentation on the syntax for this query parameter. I’m looking to do something like this:

... on Repository{
  refs(first:3, refPrefix:"refs/heads/", query:"env-v**-package") {
    edges {
      node {

Hi there @HaithamMaya :wave:

Let me know if I misunderstand, but I believe your query is what you’re hoping to filter by, yes? That would relate to releases, I think?

You should be able to do this not with query but by using the release object:

…or with ReleaseConnection:

…to filter by a tag ID.

Though maybe I misunderstand the env-v**-package string usage?

Let me know!

I’d like to do this for all tags, not just releases. By env-v**-package I am hoping to get the latest tag that matches the syntax env-v{NUMBER}-package