Repository permissions: access to issues without clone/download

I am wondering if it is possible, with any of the Github products, to give somebody access to submit Issues on a private repo without giving them access to clone/download the repo?

Here is the use case:

I’ve recruited a group of testers who are not part of my project team. I’ve used Issue templates to create a “Bug Report” that I want the testers to use to report bugs, which I really like for keeping the information flow centralized with GitHub. But, I don’t want the the testers to be able to clone/download the repo as they have no reason to do so. Yes, I can have the sign an NDA saying they won’t but I’d rather they just didn’t have the ability to do so. 

Thanks much for any advice anyone may have!

HI @noxffred,

Thank you for being here! At this time this is not possible. We have a short guide with our recommended solution to this scenario:

GitHub does not provide issues-only access permissions, but you can accomplish this using two repos.

  1. Create a private repo to host the source code from your project
  2. Create a second repo with the permissions you desire to host the issue tracker
  3. Add a README file to the issues repo explaining the purpose of this repo and linking to the issues section
  4. Set your collaborators or teams to give access to the repos as you desire