Repository not found / various bugs encountered in new repo

Just enabled GitHub Actions in a new repository for a Node.js project and encountered a number of bugs:

  1. “repository ‘https:// github .com /CherryLab-DCC/sqljsonpath/’ not found”. Possibly a spurious error, but reports all systems operations. Appears here: https:// github .com/CherryLab-DCC/sqljsonpath/actions/runs/1315134266

  2. Extremely long runs for a small self contained JavaScript library. (Manually cancelled after almost 10 minutes.) https:// github .com/CherryLab-DCC/sqljsonpath/actions/runs/1315090679

  3. Commit to main branch did not trigger Actions run. https:// /CherryLab-DCC/sqljsonpath/commit/8edbd8b8d79d99baae53c756dcb88995d5da788e

(Added spaces to some urls to work around forum new user link limit.)