Repository Error : something went wrong

Hello ,

To anyone reading this. I hope you are doing well and having a great day so far. I do have a major problem that i can quite figure. Every time I will try and create a Repo and when I type in the repo name I wanna create , I do get the error SOMETHING WENT WRONG and unfortunately I can’t create a repo. I have disabled and removed all plugins in my chrome browser, deleted chrome and reinstalled chrome again but same result.
Any one with any idea or help will be highly appreciated and thanks

please help . I have tried everything possible in my knowledge but can’t figure it out

:wave: Welcome!

You’ve certainly done a bunch of the right things and this error does seem to often be caused by extensions and browser settings.

That said, sometimes a reinstall can end up still using the same old settings, unless you went through and deleted everything (and most of us don’t!).

I’d suggest resetting your Chrome settings (even though it’s a new install) or trying again in a different browser (Firefox, Safari, IE - whatever happens to be on your machine is handiest!).

hello thanks for your reply and i will go ahead do these steps as you suggested and then get back to you and hopefully with good results. Thanks again

hello there , so i tried and did what you recommended but unfortunately i still get the same results. I really don’t what’s going on . Please any other possible ideas or solution will help, thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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I might be mostly out of ideas. Can you confirm you’ve seen this same error on:

  • Your original Chrome configuration
  • Chrome but after disabling all extensions
  • Chrome but after reinstalling
  • Chrome after reinstalling and resetting all settings to default (including javascript)
  • Another supported browser on the same machine, with the same internet connection
  • With any repository name (ie, it’s not that you can’t name it a specific name but you can’t give it any name)

I’m really puzzled.

It might be worth checking the Developer console in Chrome for errors, or trying on a different internet connection - this is a server side check, so maybe something is blocked or interrupted?

I can’t see anything on your account that should block or interfere with this, and we haven’t logged any recent errors on your account either.

Hello there again,

I hope you are having an amazing day so far and doing great. So after doing all those steps such as reseting both chrome and safari to their original defaults and as well as clearing and deleting the caches on my computer and also the related browsers.

I restarted my computer then i shut it down and let it sit for over 5 hours, Surprisingly this morning i did check and fortunately everything is back to normal and i can now create a repo.
I still don’t know what the issue was and it baffles me, because i might have the same issue in the future and don’t know how to resolve it or help some one with the similar issue resolve the issue as well
Thank you for your time and comprehension and i really appreciate every single and great advice and instructions you did provided to me.


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I don’t think the issue was fixed. I was able to create a new Repo and then when I tried creating a second Repo , I still encounter the same ERROR. This just happened minutes after I message telling you abut I was able to create a Repo, but looks like the problem is still there and I really don’t know what to do anymore.

maybe I will say it is something wrong with my mac, I tried using my sister’s mac and logged into my account yesterday to see if i will still get the same issue but i didn’t encounter the same issue on my sister’s mac but only when i use my mac. Probably something wrong with my mac

Oh, that’s annoying, but I think you’re probably right.

Hi, I have the same problem. It appears with Chrome, Chrome Beta ( no extensions ), Safari and Opera!
I do not think it is something with the browser . . . Only on my iPad it worked ?? Don´t know which Browser Chrome or Safari . . . I am on Mojave - because I have a MAC Pro late 2012 which is not supported by Catalina.

. . . just tried Tor Browser and it works :slight_smile: . . .