Repository_dispatch with GitHub Actions

Hello there,

we are trying to create a repository_dispatch even in our GitHub Enterprise installation.
The GHE has GitHub Actions disabled, but according to the docs that event could also be received by GitHub Apps. Unfortunately we are only receiving 404 responses from that API endpoint.

Any idea what we can do?

Kind regards

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Hi @KnisterPeter,

That’s correct: both GitHub Actions and GitHub Apps can receive the repository_dispatch webhook.

Separately, you may authenticate as a user (personal access token) or GitHub App installation to send a repository_dispatch event via this API. Please ensure the authentication scopes are correct for the method you choose.

The next thing I would check is that you are passing in an event_type, which is a required body parameter. For example, using the GitHub CLI, gh api repos/:owner/:repo/dispatches -f event_type=test.

Hope that helps!