Repository disabled for TOS violation, no response by support for 14 days

Hey github staff/average forum users!

We’ve been waiting for github support to answer our inquiry about our disabled repository Unfortunately we have yet to receive a response after 14 days. I’ve also tried to get in contact with @GithubHelp on Twitter, but unfortunately they are not very helpful :confused: This led to this rather disappointing twitter thread:

It would be nice if we could get our support request escalated or get an expected time frame for a response. Thank you!

Ticket id: 754565

Hey and :wave: welcome.

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to bump you up ahead in the appeals queue.

I hope you hear back soon.

Hey good news! I’ve received a response 2 hours after your message!

Turns out it’s because of some offensive content found in an auto generated file that I will be taking care of shortly.

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