Repository deletion

Hello. Good day. May I ask what happens to all my data, including my codes when I delete a repository?Do my codes get deleted in all of GitHub’s servers, and by extension, microsoft? Thanks.

If this isn’t sufficient:

… you should consider filing a bug on the document explaining how specific parts aren’t sufficiently clear.

These might not apply to repositories which the users has set for archival on Artic Vault — i.e. once a copy is archived in the Vault it should remain there, regardless of whether it’s deleted on GitHub servers.

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@jsoref I think it’s not sufficient. I want to delete my repositories because of the github copilot issue, where they trained their model even on GPL-licensed codes. I’m taking extra precautions in case they decide to train even on private and GPL-licensed repositories. I’m moving all my stuff to GitLab.

IRC, by default repositories are set for archival on Artic Vault, in which case you might not have the right to demand removal, since you agreed to the various EULA and policies. As for whether deleting repositories on GitHub is an effective disk deletion, or if it’s like FakeBook which simply stops servicing the data to the public, that I don’t know, and you’ll have to ask a GitHub staff member or contact their customers’ service for that info.

Also, if you delete your repository and someone else had forked it, I don’t see how you can enforce the deletion of these forks even if it’s copyright material that doesn’t allow any derivative work and changes, the GitHub EULA explicitly mentions that anyone can fork your public repositories.

I didn’t know about the Copilot story, and just started digging into it before replying. I wonder if Copilot has mined also data from private repositories, i.e. paying users who host their commercial closed-source code on GitHub.