Reporting an issue with GHSA-5vq5-pg3r-9ph3

Like Reporting an issue with GitHub Security Advisories, I would like to report an issue on GHSA-5vq5-pg3r-9ph3

If you read carefully references:

  • GHSA-rpcg-f9q6-2mq6 (github)
  • CVE-2021-32674 (NVD)

you see that it’s Zope 5.2.1 fix the vulnerability and not 5.21.

Can we have an update on the GHSA ? @canuckjacq

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This has been fixed.

There’s a github security labs slack workspace. If you’re interested in contributing on an ongoing basis, you can join that and [TIL] there’s a provision there to suggest changes like this.

thanks @jsoref, I will request a slack access.