Report page is not working

Tried to use the report abuse page however it failed every time. After inspecting the console and page, many issues were obvious. Firstly, the submit button tried to select a hidden form input, which obviously failed. After manually changing the display, the request failed serverside. The form was incorrect. I tried to manually correct it, but the short error message “invalid category selection” didn’t help much.
The form created the following inputs (after manually setting the selects to the proper values): contact%5Btoplevel_category%5D=content&contact%5Btoplevel_category_content%5D=misleading[…]&contact%5Btoplevel_category_content_misleading_type%5D=false
JS activated; no dns-queries or ads blocked; Chrome v91.0.4472.114; both in normal usage and incognito
was able to reproduce in Firefox v88.0.1

Any help would be appreciated.