Repo Wiki Contributors

Do I understand correctly that you can’t have collaborators that can only push changes to the wiki in a repo? This seems like a rather large oversight for open source projects where non-technical users can contribute to the documentation but where you don’t want them to have write access to the full repo.

I found a blog post from a couple of years ago on a workaround, but it requires a lot of setup and it’s really a full solution. What is the best way to get feature requests to GitHub?

There are multiple ways that projects attack this problem:

  1. Open wiki contributions to all – not my favorite solution, but I manage multiple very popular repositories and we’ve had one instance of someone editing a wiki in a counter-productive way in the past three or more years
  2. Store the documentation in the repo itself and use protected branches
  3. Store the documentation in the repo on a documentation branch (for GitHub Pages) and use protected branches
  4. Store the documentation in a separate repository purely for documentation and only give access to the people you want editing it

If you want more fine-grained security for things than what is offered by the wikis feature, storing the documentation in a repository is the way to go.

Thanks for the reply. The link I mentioned takes the separate repo route, but it’s overly complicated to set up and seems somewhat error-prone. It doesn’t appear that unchecking the Restrict editing to users in teams with push access only  option (your #1) works when using the GitHub desktop app with the wiki repo - a simple test results in:


Am I missing something? This is from the new GitHub Desktop app.

It could be a couple things. First, it could be that the permissions didn’t propagate as quickly as you expected if you tried to do it immediately. Second, it could be something to do with Desktop. If the latter is the case, you may want to open an issue on the GitHub Desktop repository.