repo sync can't fetch from my repository

I am obviously doing something wrong or have a wrong setting,  I’m compiling a rom from source and i have added my repo to the local_manifests/roomservice.xml.  When I do a repo sync I get an error saying it can’t fetch from my repository.  This is the repo i’m trying to add to roomservice.xml and this is the entry I have in my roomservice.xml.

<project name="srgrusso/android_device_samsung_gtaxlwifi" path="device/samsung/gtaxlwifi" remote="github" />

Not sure what I am doing wrong.


Hi @srgrusso,

Hmmm, it’s likely we’ll need more information to try to help. Can you write into private support at for more assistance? You can reference this forum thread if you like, so you don’t have to type out your question over again.

It’s possible you may need to seek help on the Android dev side of things for this, but we’ll do all we can to help.