Repo notifications are not working

I am not receiving email notifications for some of my github private repositories. I couldn’t help but notice someone would notify me on skype they made a push (and I have repo set to “All Activity”)

Not in spam folder.

but other repos that I have replied to or started issues in, I can still get notifications for (allegedly).

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Have you checked to see if you’ve turned on repository notifications?

It’ll be in your repository settings >> notifications.

I think so. check this screenshot:

Sorry - I mean for the repository. So you click on the gear icon to get to your repository settings.

I think I have done that. Nothing special.

But I never had to do this in the past.

Usually I automatically watch a repo that I am an admin or contributor of. (I started this repo). Or I auto-watch issues that I reply to or start.

And you can see I am indeed watching this repo.

So where are these emails going? spam folder has nothing.

If you want to receive notifications when someone pushes code, you’ll need to enter an email address and set up the notifications on that page.

The watching options “All activity” includes participating (conversations you are already involved in, or started), @mention (if someone mentions you), issues, pull requests, releases, security alerts and discussions.

If you have a specific activity from that list that you didn’t get notified for, I would recommend you open a ticket so that we can have a look at your account and check the notifications logs.