Repo Admin can't Create Issue with Webapp, Can Create Issue with Mobile App

I’m an admin, not the creator, of a private repo. I can submit new issues using the Github mobile app, but on the webapp, the Submit Issue button is inactive (greyed out) on both Chrome and Safari. My org uses Zen Hub and I have the browser extension installed in Chrome, but not Safari.

Any ideas?

Hi @davidwarshaw and welcome to the community forum!
I see this is your first post here.

If I understand correctly, you have an extension installed in Chrome, but you are unable to create an issue in Safari also?
Have you tried disabling all extensions to see if you still have the same problem?

Is there a public repository you can share that also presents this problem?

Hi @ernest-phillips, thanks for the welcome!

Yes, I have the extension installed in Chrome, but not Safari. I cannot create issues using either browser. I uninstalled the Chrome ZenHub extension, but am still unable to create issues using Chrome.

The repo where I see this behavior is private and I don’t see the behavior in any public repo to which I have access.

Can you disable all of your Chrome extensions and try again?

That was the only Chrome extension I had. I now have no extensions.

Thanks for trying that.
This is pretty difficult to troubleshoot without seeing your repository.

Could you attempt to create a test issue?
List all your steps used to do it and can you also include screenshots of the test issue?

No detail is too obvious here, so please include as much information as possible.

The most useful screenshot will be of the issue window and the submit button like below.

It’s working now. I can create issues in both Safari and Chrome, with and without the ZenHub extension.

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed with the repo or my Github account. I did submit an issue to Github two days ago, but have not received any communication from them yet.

Thanks for your help!

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