Replying to comments in a PR and keyboard access

Sourced from this tweet about PR comments

Reproducing here:

@github your interface to reply to comments in a PR is royally broken for keyboard users and has been for some weeks now. Are there alternative ways to respond to a thread without resolving it?

Questions to help understand this more:

  • Were you using the github website or another tool like VS Code?
  • Were you replying to a general comment or a “line of code” comment?
  • Do you only use the keyboard or do you just have a preference for keyboard over mouse?
  • Would you be able to share a screenshot or a video of the keyboard interaction you are finding difficult?
  • Do you use any assistive technology when working with GitHub? If you’re not comfortable sharing that information in this forum, please let me know.
  • Have you read the docs, are they useful?