Reply to a comment on a Issue or PR

It would be nice if it was possible to reply to a comment in an issue, instead of quoting it. To me limiting this to one level would be ok - not allowing to fork the conversation further, i.e. reply to reply.

The challenging part would be to communicate both the “time-line/chronological order of the replies” and the “three of related comments”.


do you mean, when you reply to a comment in an issue, that should be indented?

because, as you can see here

even if it is a reply, they are not indented and the only way is to quote that one that you are replying to,

This functionality has been added to GitHub Discussions, where the repository owner can enable different settings for Discussion topics, e.g. answer based, free discussion, etc.

Issues should possibly be kept strictly focused on the practical TODOs relating to repository changes, whereas Discussions are broader in scope. Of course, sometimes Issues also deal with features requests, bugs, etc., which can soon spin into full blown discussions. In my repositories,

I personally direct contributors to use Discussions, unless dealing with practical repository tasks, so I can keep Issues clutter-free, and the general rules is that if it requires a long discussion to be solved then an Issue should be converted to a Discussion, and once there’s a clear plan of action I just create a clean and short Issue, linking to the Discussion for more details.

But I agree that having a tree-like structure in replies would make long Issues more readable, especially if you could fold responses threads with a click.