Replacing Zenhub with Github Projects: Automatically add issues to a project?

Currently our project has a setup where we use a milestone for each release, then we use ZenHub to assign issues a priority (P0/P1/P2). This gives us a pretty clear understanding of what needs to be done for each release.

Ideally we could drop zenhub and migrate to github projects, but I haven’t found a way to emulate this setup. It seems we have two choices:

* Stop using milestones, and make a project for each release. Issues area manually added to a project and within the project we have priority columns

* Keep using milestones, and make a single project for every issue. This is not viable unless we can get every issue automatically added to the project.

Is anyone using projects/milestones like this?

@howardjohn - Hi there! I’m sorry no one has replied to you until today. I’d like to offer a perspective that may be helpful.

While I can’t speak directly to how Zenhub works, there is a feature that allows anyone to configure automatic workflows to keep the status of project board cards in sync with the associated issues and pull requests:

More on the actual configuration here:

I’m not quite sure how priority is assigned to issues, whether that’s reflected in the issue’s title or in one of its labels. However, it may be worth leveraging either GitHub Apps or an Actions workflow along with our GitHub API for more granular control around performing some operation when some event happens:

I hope this helps as a start!

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I’m considering the same workflow and what would be really helpful is

  1. to be able to assign all issues from a milestone to a project (i.e. on /milestone/1, select all, project “kanban”, ok)
  2. to be able to import all issues with some property (i.e. milestone:1) in the context menu from a column in a board.

I’m surprised 1. doesn’t exist already as you can edit status, label, milestone and assignee but no project :thinking:

But i had to choose, 2. would be even better.

Do you have any insight if this is something you’re considering in your backlog?

:wave: I no longer am a part of the team working on GitHub Community. However, I think the best place to follow GitHub’s public roadmap is in this repository: GitHub - github/roadmap: GitHub public roadmap

Alternatively from a feature doing exactly as either option (1) or option (2), it may be worth exploring the approach of making the associated requests to the respective API endpoints to mimic the import that’s described in option (2). The Projects API and Issues API (where, Milestones is scoped under Issues) are quite extensive and that may be a good approach to take in the meantime.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer :pray:

I’ve been using gh cli to help me through but this feels more like a workaround than a real solution.

I didn’t find any issue mentioning this in Github public roadmap. Do you think it is worth “requesting a feature” or Product managers have already their roadmap locked for the next 3 years? :smiley:

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Hello, Maxime! In my opinion, I think it doesn’t hurt to submit a feature request through the feedback form in the case that our product team decides to prioritize it in the future along with other related work.

Putting myself in your shoes, I can see how using the gh cli client technically gets the job “done” but it may not be the ideal way to go about for you. I think one approach that you can take to meet your specific need and preferred workflow is building an integration to your specification using either an App or an Action: