Replace the header search bar with a reminder to use Command Palette

I had the Command Palette turned on, but didn’t really use it over several weeks. I’m so used to just clicking the Search box on the header.

When Command Palette is enabled, replace the search box with the message “Press Ctrl-K to Search” (replace Ctrl with the squiggly symbol on Mac :stuck_out_tongue:). This will remind me and get me into the practice of using Command Palette.


If this message is clicked by mouse, bring up the command palette anyway. (Because we all have muscle memory to scroll up to the header and click the search box when we want to search something!)

Also please remove the “/” key as shortcut for search box, or make it also bring up the command palette. I don’t see the need to have two UI features duplicating the search functionality.

Thanks for sharing this feedback @ADTC! Our original plan was to have the command palette merge both the existing GitHub search UI and new command palette experiences but ultimately decided to keep them separate at least during the beta. We will continue to evaluate whether we want to merge the two as we get closer to a GA this upcoming spring/summer.

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