Reopening application of Github Campus expert!

Can I get to know How much time it will take more to reopen the application of the Campus experts program?

P.S. it will be great if you provide the amount of time rather then “They will open them soon”

:wave: Welcome!

Our Education Team are hard at work right now and there are changes on the way. More will be announced at Universe in December.

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Hey, @canuckjacq hope you are doing well there!

as I’m waiting for the application for the last 6 months the wait is over now!
this will accelerate my college in the technology world!

I’m getting confused about some questions asked in the application form.
like what if we don’t even have the community in our college…and the first question is asked about communities.?
what should I write in 3rd part?


We don’t handle Education related queries at all here, I’m afraid, but if you re-read the Campus Expert website, maybe that will give you some clues about what they’re talking about:

I would assume they mean your student community that you’ll be working with as a campus expert.