Render sound bug


I made an animation (opentoonz software) of a character with his mouth talking. I incorporated the sound into it. At rendering, the character speaks. I can play the scene in opentoonz: he talks. But when I read the created file on my hard drive, the video has no sound!
On the other hand, when I convert the “.AVI” into “.MP4” with the MediaCoder software, the sound reappears.

I think this is a bug in OpenToonz …

You should probably report this to the project instead of a generic Git/GitHub forum: GitHub - opentoonz/opentoonz: OpenToonz - An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software

Could also be a problem with missing codecs — i.e. the toons app includes the codec for its own previews, but your player doesn’t have that specific audio codec. Check the app’s documentation regarding the supported/required audio codecs, and check whether you have them installed in your system and video player(s), or check your project settings and see if you can enforce a different audio-codec in the generated video.