rename E:\Project\.git\index.lock to E:\Project\.git\index

Hi ,

I am facing some issue  mention below

   rename E:\Project.git\index.lock to  E:\Project.git\index


Developer A has done some changes on the comman server(Eg:- Developer Environment) but he has not done commit.

But now Developer B is working on the different file but on same feature and on same feature . So after the changes are done the developer B is trying to do  add and commit but he is unable to do that.

And he is facing the issue which i have mention above.

Can Anyone help me to find the root cause for this issue so that i can resolve this issue

Shouldn’t you be using  branches to fix this issue?

It’s generally not recommended to change files inside a project’s .git directory manually unless you’re extremely familiar with Git’s internals. Given that caveat, I’m not sure how “rename E:\Project.git\index.lock to E:\Project.git\index” is in any way related to the problem you described @gs186056 around Developer A and Developer B not being able to work on files or features at the same time. Can you give some more detail? Perhaps some step-by-step instructions of what it is that is being done, what you expect to happen, and what is actually happening?

Let us know.