Rename a GitHub Action on the Marketplace

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We’re about to publish a GitHub Action to the Marketplace, but are unsure about the (human readable) name. Once we publish our action to the Marketplace, can we still change the name in the action.yml file, and will this be reflected in the Marketplace? Or is the name set in stone the first time it’s published? Note that we will not change the repo slug, which will remain the same regardless of our naming strategy. I’m only speaking about the name property of the action.yml file.

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Changing the name in the yaml will change the url in the marketplace:

Consumers are tied to the org+repository name and not the pretty name, so, it’s mostly not a huge deal, unless you have a lot of people linking to the marketplace url.

Do note that org/org or user/user is now a magical repository name, so while that may have been the logical choice for an action, it’s now not a good idea. Thus, org/org-action may be a better choice.

Also note that renaming your default branch will break consumers, so if you plan to switch from master to main, it’s a good idea to do so before you advertise. GitHub’s magical rename feature does not support this.

Thanks for the answer, and the link :+1:

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