Removing gitpage url from google search results

Hello everyone,

So recently about like a month ago i redesigned my git pages website which also included deleting some pages from the website but the deleted pages were already crawled now even after deleting the web page for that particular url it’s still showing up in the google search results.

I waited for a month so that google might uncrawl it but no avail.

Please and Thank You

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I don’t believe this is something you can directly control but you can request certain URLs be removed from Google’s search index using the “Remove outdated content tool” here:

If you’re the owner of the content and have it set up in Google’s search console then you can do the same here:

You may need to do the same for any other search engines that have crawled your content, I’d recommend searching for their removal tools and doing the same there.


Oh got it, Thanks for the reply