Removed workflow showing up as check for PR

I have an old (legacy HCL) workflow that seems to be sticking around after my move to the new workflow format. I used to have a workflow called “validate_push”, and it was deleted after I upgraded to the new workflow syntax. However, it is still showing up as a required check for my pull requests.

Is there a way to somehow clear the state of my old workflows?

You should be able to remove this from the required checks section of your protected branches which should unblock you.  Right now we do not have a way to delete older suites and runs but that is something we are working to address.


Thanks. Removing the required did the trick for me (I tried that initially but didn’t have any branch-specific configs, so I thought the option wasn’t available at first; my bad).

Unrelated- the updates to filtering and globbing are great, thanks for that.

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