Removed sensitive file from GitHub history, but I can still access it

I have accidentially commited file with sensitve data and wanted to get rid of it from current GitHub repo state and from the entire history. To make sure, that process is completed, I have opened a new tab in my browser, with URL pointing to some early stage of that file in repository history.

I went through “Remove sensitive data” article in GitHub Help. Though file is clearly removed from my local repository and its GitHub remote counterpart, but when I refresh that other tab, I can cleary see that file and its sensitve content.

What am I missing, or what should I do next?

As mentioned in the red box at the top of the help article you linked, commits that you have removed from history might still be cached on Github. You can contact support and ask them to flush that cache.


additionally, is it possible that his browser is caching the content?