remove self from team

This is a basic use question that I cannot find documentation to answer.  Or previous comments.  Really, I’m not being lazy; I  just can’t find the info I need.  (^_^)

While I temporarily contributed to the repos for an organization, the org admin (or team admin) added my profile to the list of people in the team. I no longer work there, and want to disassociate (“unjoin”) myself from the team, or synonymously, leave the team. I’m not the team admin, but I should be able to remove myself, right? 
Contributing to my problem, when I google search for instructions I find a few potentially useful web pages. But they are out of date. I can’t follow the instructions b/c they refer to buttons that no longer exist.
I am having a similar problem with finding instructions for unsubscribing myself as a contributor to someone else’s repo, deleting repos I own, or hiding repos, which I’m sure are supported actions. I tried to RTFM, but failed to find my answers in the online documentation or via google search.  Thanks a lot for any pointers.


Sorry to hear that you’re having problems finding the information you need. I’ll do my best to get you fixed up.

First, you’re saying that you previously contributed to repos for an organization but you no longer work there. Then you say that you want to leave a team. Do you also want to leave the organization? Because that should remove you from all the organization’s teams as well. The instructions for leaving an organization are pretty simple and are in our help docs.

If you don’t want to leave the organization but do want to remove yourself from any teams and you know the name of the team, you can navigate directly to[org-name]/teams/[team-name]/members and click the “Leave team” button near the top of the page. If you don’t know the name of the team, you can navigate directly to [[org-name]/teams?query=%40user-name] and it will show you a list of the organization’s teams you belong to.

I’m not sure what you mean by “unsubscribing myself as a contributor to someone else’s repo”, can you give me some more details?

Instructions for deleting a repository can be found in our help docs.

Instructions for setting the visibility of a repo can be found in our help docs too. You probably want “Making a public repository private”.

I hope that helps!

This did not work for me. There was no Leave Team button. In fact, the UI is actually awfully unintuitive. You need to check the checkbox next to your own name in the members list, then press the new drop down that shows up saying “1 member selected”. Options to change role / remove from team are in there.

This sound correct for the repository access page, which looks like[org-name]/[repo-name]/settings/access. That UI is different than for team memberships, and as you indicated, you need to select record/s and then select what option to execute on them.

If you are a member of a team, and showing up on [[org-name]/teams/team-name], you should see the Leave Team button, otherwise could see a Request to Join button.

Hope this helps!

For those like me who end up here looking for a way to find a list of teams you are on: the query listed above doesn’t work. The actual query is “members:me”, not your username.{your org name}/teams?query=+members%3Ame