Remove requested review for PR in Free plan

Hello, on the Free Organization plan, when I assign a PR to be reviewed by someone, I cannot remove the request. The only possible thing I can do is to assign it to someone else.

To clarify, there has been no review. If I set the reviewer to someone else, the initial person is removed and the new person gets the review. However, I want it to be not be assigned to anyone since, since the PR is not actually ready for a review.

This really seem like a bug with the slightly different UI that is present for the 1 reviewer limitation. In public repos, I can just click again on the person’s name in the list of choice and the person gets unassigned. Any idea?

I can’t reproduce the problem you’re describing. I created a PR on my test account and organization, both of which are free, and added and removed my main account as a reviewer twice without issue.

To remove someone as a reviewer:

  1. Click the word “Reviewers” above the list of reviewers
  2. When the list of actual and potential viewers pops up, click on the person in the list with a :heavy_check_mark: next to their name you want to remove
  3. Verify that the check mark is gone next to their name
  4. Click away from the list

Momentarily, you’ll see the timeline event saying that the person was removed as a reviewer.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you getting back to me!

Sorry, I forgot to mention this is on a private repository. This is when the limit to the number of reviewer of the Free organization plan is applied, and this is where I get the problem.

You’re welcome! And thank you for giving me some more information to go on …

I created a private repository in my test organization and again I was unable to reproduce the problem you’re describing:

Do I have to have the max number of reviewers in order to trigger the bug?

Hum, i really don’t know what to say, I tested again on 3 different repos and am unable to remove the assigned review on any of them.

I tested with Chrome on Ubuntu and Firefox on Windows, both have the same behavior.

I see you are Staff, can you access private repositories or can I add add you to a repository to see if you too experience the issue?
If the former, here is an example PR with the problem:
If the later, which user should i use?

You can feel free to add me to a repository. I’d prefer to test this at the user level rather than use “staff magic” to get in there to make sure I’m seeing what you would be seeing :grinning: Please use my lee-dohm account for an invite.

Invitation sent, I gave you Write access.

Interesting. I was able to reproduce the problem in your repository. Since I don’t have access to the right tools to view how your account or organization is configured, I’ve referred this to the private support team so they can investigate. You should have an email to this effect very soon if not already.

Let me know if I can offer any more information.

Thank you for your help

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Hi there @MaxLap!

You can remove the requested review using cURL from the command line. I tested this out and was able to remove the review without issue. The command you will need to modify is below.

curl -X DELETE '{owner}/{repo}/pulls/{PR_num}/requested_reviewers' \
-H 'Authorization: token {your Personal access token}' \
-H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \
-d '{"reviewers":["{reviewer handle}"]}'

Change {owner}, {repo}, and {PR_num} to the point to the Pull Request you want to remove the review on and add your token in {your Personal access token} and the reviewer to remove in {reviewer handle}.

Our REST API documents have lots of information and useful features that can really help out.

Let me what else I can be of assistance with!