Remove history from profile

How do you hide or remove contribution history from your public profile. I do not want this information tracked.

If no solution exits I am going to look at moving to another platform.

@mwwhited - Thanks for reaching out and asking this question. We hear and acknowledge your concern. Today, it’s not possible to hide the contribution history in a GitHub profile. Given that there are a number of different contribution types that are counted:

  • for issues, it’s possible to permanently delete an issue from a repository that you own or have admin permissions to.
  • for pull requests, it’s not possible to delete those, though you can close them.
  • for commits, the email address used for the commits is associated with your GitHub account. For future contributions, you may want to consider using a different email address from the one associated with your GitHub account (though we understand that may not be ideal for different reasons).

These specific deletion options may suffice in lieu of an ability to completely remove the graph from your profile. We greatly value you sharing some time with us, and, as a next step, we welcome you to share your feedback directly with our Product Management team: