Remove Heading

What is the heading above the ‘hello’ and how do I remove it?

I have got no idea what it is and it’s really annoying. The word ‘test’ above is the repository name by the way.

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The header you’re seeing there is because GitHub Pages uses the Primer theme by default to publish your Pages site:

Primer will include your repository’s name in an <h1> tag if your page’s title is different from your site’s title (or in this case, your page has no title):

If you’d like the remove that header, you’ll want to customize your Jekyll theme’s HTML. In order to do that you’ll need to copy this file into your repository inside a folder called _layouts:

After you’ve done that, you can remove lines 12-14 to remove the header, and Jekyll will then use that file as a template instead of the default template that comes with the theme.


Thank you for your help, but I realised that my index file had the extension ‘.md’ instead of ‘.html’. So I renamed it to ‘index.html’.

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Hi, I think we need to remove 13 - 15 lines in default.html. Is it right?