Remove empty line on .md page

When creating a .md file I click on commit changes when I’m done. Sometimes I’ll find an error in the text that needs correcting, so I’ll click on the pencil icon to edit the page. I notice that for some reason a new blank line is always there. When I delete it and commit the change, and go back into edit mode, the new blank line is still there.

This only happened recently, is it the brower? I’m using Firefox. 

Is there a way to prevent edit mode from introducing a new blank line unless I hit enter to create one?

Hey there @nsutilities1, maybe I can help you here!

Right now GitHub automagically adds what appears to be a new line to the end of files to ensure compatablility across platforms; this Stack Overflow answer explains this really well. For now, there isn’t anyway to remove the new line within GitHub though.