Remove Authenticator from 2 Factor

I just added 2 Yubikeys to my account and want to disable the authenticator 2FA completely. How can I accomplish this? It seems that I can only change the device but not completely remove it?

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want to disable the authenticator 2FA completely

Me too! This is something I actively keep an eye on. Sadly the answer is “not yet”.

Because U2F security keys can only be used with a limited range of device/app/browser combinations, we require that users have another form of verification configured. As you’re aware, either a TOTP application or SMS must be the primary method of authentication.

However, when you’re signing in using a device and browser that support U2F, this should be the method we prompt you to use. If that method isn’t available or the browser is incompatible, we’ll prompt you to enter a code from your device.

I’ve added your +1 to the internal tracking issue. I have no doubt that as U2F and WebAuthn become more commonly supported and used, that we’ll start to see more configurable multifactor authentication setups.

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Ah i see, thanks for the quick answer! I just feel like I undermine the security of my account by being forced to enable TOTPs or SMS verification :frowning: