Remote: Repository not found


1-My GitHub account username: AmericaPires01
2-My GitHub Repository url:
3-I’m using Mac OS.

I have been using this account since 2019 by pushing my code into my private repository successfully. And it’s a free account.

Since Yesterday 26 August, I have created my personal Token from my GitHub account that when I use the token to push my code to GitHub that “remote: Repository not found.” error message is thrown as per the logs:

Americas-MacBook-Pro:AndroidTest americapires$ git push origin master
Username for ‘github link’: AmericaPires01
Password for ‘link’:
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository [‘’] not found

I log into my Github account successfully on Chrome browser with my normal username and password and access all my repositories. The problem only arises when I’m pushing my code to my repository where I have to enter the token instead of password.

1-I tried git remote add origin my GitHub Repository url
I get remote origin already exists. As expected.

2-I tried git remote set-url origin GitHub Repository url
And when I push origin master I’m prompted to enter username and password. I do enter my username and the token, but I get “remote: Repository not found.”

3- I have tried to verify github saved passwords from my mac KeyChain to delete it, where i select the password tab and search for github passwords, but no saved password from github is returned on the search.

Note: When I try to push code to one of my public repository the error I get is “Permission denied to AmericaPires01” as per the logs:

americas-mbp:GitDemo americapires$ git push origin development
Username for 'github link: AmericaPires01
Password for link:
remote: Permission to AmericaPires01/GitDemo.git denied to AmericaPires01.
fatal: unable to access GitHub Repository url: The requested URL returned error: 403

In both cases I use my token to push the code.

I’m not sure what else to do, could you please advise?

America Pires