Remote repository not found while cloning


I have an access to private repository on github, but after I changed the email and passord on github, I cannot pull from this repository or pull to it. Got the error saying “Repository not found”, although I updated email in the git configuration.
I tried also to remove a local copy of the repository and initiatie it again via Rproject - Version Control - Clone from git. With a repository url copied from github into R, the error message was just the same “Repository not found”.
The owner or the repository confirmed that I have access right, so can’t figure out what’s causing the problem.

I would appeciate if someone has ideas how to fix this!

Thank you!

There could be various reasons for this, but I don’t know the Rproject app you mention, but you might want to check if its storing old credentials, or some other caching that it’s interfering.

Most important, though, GitHub has recently changed its authentication process, so you’ll need to use a PAT (private access token) instead of the password for Git operations. Your password is now used only to log into the GH Website, but for Git connections you need to create a PAT (on your GH profile) and use that string instead of the password.

Also, applications might requires two-factor-authentication, so you might want to check the Rproject app settings in regard to that, and whether the repository you’re trying to connect to requires it, etc.

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Hi @tajmone , thank you for explaining!
In fact, I already create a PAT and during one of the attempts to access this repositoryn I used it, without success though.
Yes, I will check in R studio when creating a version control project, if old credentials may interfere, thanks for the tip!

First make sure that you’re able to make it work via Git command line, so that once you know the PAT is correct you can focus on Rproject.

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it doesn’t work through command line either, I guess i need to contact gitub support for the issue.