Remote: error: GH008: Your push referenced at least X unknown Git LFS objects:

Hi, how to disable this ‘pre-receive’ commit hook that checks my lfs pointers? I don’t want to stop using LFS, I just don’t need the hook. Any way to disable it so that I can push regardless of what LFS pointers happen to be in my commits? Thank you.

I hoped that maybe if I let it upload the LFS objects as the previous error message suggested, then maybe it’ll exhaust the quota and let me push again. Well… it exhausted the quota as predicted, but it now totally locked me out from the repository.

batch response: This repository is over its data quota. Account responsible for LFS bandwidth should purchase more data packs to restore access. 

Any way to restore access? (I can’t pay because I never asked for the LFS storage service, it forced me to push the blobs; all I wanted is to push the pointers.) Thank you for any help you can give.

What is interesting is that this hook is not water-tight, it let me push pointers sometimes (at least before the quota was exhausted). Somehow I did get a lot of pointers into the remote on without this hook blocking my push. Sometimes it blocks sometimes it doesn’t. Did anyone uncover the pattern of when the hook doesn’t activate?

I think the pattern for the hook rejecting the push vs accepting (or for the hook running at all) is: whether lfs is installed or not.

git lfs uninstall
git lfs uninstall --local
git push origin master

I can push again! (Also, I thought I tried this earlier, but perhaps I didn’t uninstall from local repo, only from ~/.gitconfig).