Remote does not accept new tags


I have been working for the better part of an afternoon on this and I can’t reproduce it too cleanly but it is driving me crazy. For some reason github does not seem to allow me to push further tags to my repository. I have quite a few tags, tried deleting some, tried all kinds of git debugging, absolutely nothing helped. here is a snippet that produces this:

git clone a1
cd a1
git tag newtag
git push origin newtag  # error
cd ..
git clone ./a1 a2
cd a2
git tag newtag2
git push origin newtag2  # no error
cd ..

# even more convoluted
git clone a3
git clone ./a3 a4
cd a4
git tag newtag3
git push origin newtag3  # still no error
cd ../a3
git push origin newtag3  # error again

as you can see pushing locally works just fine, I even tried forking but that didn’t help either. so I am absolutely stunned.

this is the very cryptic error message, not made any better with any git trace:

! [remote rejected] newtag -> newtag (missing necessary objects)
error: failed to push some refs to ''

any ideas on how to debug this or make some progress?

What version of git and what OS/file system?

Someone should file a ticket using

It was git 2.36.0 and ubuntu 20.04 (and also whatever the github actions container used, probably the same)

It took over 9 hours for the to approve my post so I ended up deleting the repo, and pushing the local one into a brand new one with the same name and that fixed it. I’m quite certain github messed up something but I don’t think I can figure out what now that I’ve nuked it all.

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We’re hitting the same issue

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We started noticing the same issue today as well

GitHub confirmed that they are looking into it

Thank you for reaching out to GitHub Support!

We have had a few reports of this bug and our engineers are looking into it. It’s very useful for us to have more data points, so thank you for submitting this report!

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This has been resolved.