Reload required for extensions installed via settings sync of user settings

When I spin up a new Codespace I noticed that extensions that are installed via settings sync require a reload before they can be used. This takes me by surprise every time. It’s not a big deal, but I am wondering if there is a way to avoid a reload?

Hey! The plan is to allow installing extensions without needing to reload, regardless if they’re installed manually or via settings sync. That way, the web experience is congruent with the desktop experience (which allows reload-less extension installation already). We’ll keep this topic updated as we make progress on that front :+1:

I did notice that the container behavior of what happens with user extensions from settings sync has changed since I posted this. In containers I launched today, user extensions from settings sync were not installed at all.

Is it possible you unchecked Extensions when selecting what items should be included as part of settings sync in those containers? Can you check “Settings Sync: Configure…” and ensure the Extensions option is checked?