Releases keep disappearing

Hi folks!

This has been happening for me for a while now and I don’t understand why. Every time I push to my repository, any releases that I previously created and published go back into draft mode and completely disappear. Why is this? It’s frustrating as I’ve released several different versions now and they all always get reset.

I can’t then publish them as the date becomes today’s date, so I’ve resorted to only ever having the latest release available (which still gets reset with every push). Any ideas? I think I have to be missing something pretty simple but I thought creating and publishing releases was as straightforward as it looked :thinking:

Thanks in advance!

Ahhh I’m an idiot. My git setup currently has the master remote on GitLab and push repository mirroring set to GitHub… so every time I push it re-syncs the releases to GitLab. I need to play around more with how GitLab’s releases sync over to GitHub… so far it doesn’t look as pretty so might end up moving remotes to GitHub completely as there’s a lot more free features available than when I first signed up :slight_smile:

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