Releases.atom entry has atom:updated but not atom:published?

Currently all releases.atom feeds have an atom:updated but not an atom:published element for each release entry.

If a developer updates some release notes, there is no way for anything aggregating that content to rightly set the order; an example: vs.

Could possibly the addition of atom:published date elements become a thing at some point?

Hi @mxmilkiib,

As things are currently constructed, you may have to use the releases endpoint of the GitHub API to get what you want. Of course, this comes with its own challenges since it’s not a subscription format but you can use the ReleaseEvent webhook event to trigger your script to pull from the API when a release changes.

If you would prefer to see this change come to atom feeds, you’re welcome to submit this request directly to our product and engineering teams via the official GitHub feedback form. I can’t promise if this change will make it on to the GitHub Public Roadmap but if it does, you’ll find out there.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’m not a programmer, just using Drupal, so I’ll have to pass on the API/webhooks.

It’s already with the product team as issue #836769, just thought I should double check on here!

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