Release / Prerelease Action triggers

Just a little context, I have two workflows that are triggered on different releases (release, prerelease)

In my staging workflow, I have the release set to types: [prereleased] and in my production workflow I have my release set to types: [published, edited] with a flag in my job to make sure steps are not triggered if: "!github.event.release.prerelease"

Something I noticed is that if I publish a release with a prerelease flag it will trigger my staging workflow. My assumption is that if I edit this release by removing the prerelease flag, it should trigger my production workflow since it’s set to types: [published, edited]

The only way for me to trigger the production workflow after removing the prerelease flag is to actually edit the description of the release.

Is there a way to treat the setting or unsetting of prerelease as a “edited” release action on a workflow? or a way to republish a release when removing the prerelease flag?

Hi @armandoamador ,

In the production workflow, you can use ‘released’ keyword to trigger the worklfow when unsetting ‘prelease’.

Code sample as below:

    types: [published, edited, released]

    if: "!github.event.release.prerelease"

Note: After ‘released’ type is added, please create new release for check.