Release notifications from starred repositories


I’ve recently started seeing release notifications on my activity page for random repositories I’ve starred over time and i cant figure out why.
The latest notification received was regarding a new release of bcicen/ctop.
According the notification settings for these repositories i’m only subscribed to “Participating and @mentions”.

Are there any additional notification settings somewhere i’m missing?


I don’t know why, but it seems at least some starred repositories will be used:

That thread is fairly new, so I guess it’s a recent change.

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That’s right! It is a recent change and in the near future we’re going to be improving both the quality of events that we show you as well as better transparency into the reasons!

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You can only improve it by letting us disable it.


I was struggling with this for a while too. If I want to see releases I’ll either watch the repo (which I do for multiple) or subscribe to Atom feed (which I again already do for multiple).

I don’t need them to fill my regular feed with unnecessary messages from starred repos, those are the bookmarks that I go back to occasionally to find something useful I have seen before.

Please give me a way to disable this.

Yes, please let us disable this.


Yes, fully agree with the others. This is annoying.
I also would like to have back the simply one click “Watch releases only” as a default option. This is hidden since a while in a sub menu