Release event never happens


I copied the python-publish.yml that GitHub offers as a template. I changed nothing besides adding my secrets to the repo. As you can see at my repo, I have made several releases and the action has only happened once, for the v0.1.1 build. However I can’t find anything significant about v0.1.1 that would cause it to work but not others.

What could I possibly be doing wrong?


Check the workflow file, it looks correct and normal.
Can you share the detailed steps that how you created the releases in your repository? Include the method you were using (manual or API), and any settings or options you used.

I have made several releases and the action has only happened once, for the v0.1.1 build.

However, I see nothing on the ‘Actions’ tab of your repository. It looks that no workflow has ever been triggered.

In addition,

Note: The release event is not triggered for draft releases.

When creating a new release, if you save the new release as a draft before publishing it, the activity type ‘created’ of the release’ event won’t occur, and the workflow also won’t be triggered.

Hi @brightran, thanks for the response. Unfortunately I think the workflow run for the v0.1.1 release got deleted because I tried recreating the workflow file while troubleshooting. That’s my bad, sorry.

In terms of the actual releasing process, I added my PYPI_PASSWORD and PYPI_USERNAME to the repo secrets. To make a new release I first git tag -a v<version>, then git push --tags. Then I go to the release creation page, select the tag, and attach the tar.gz and whl files (although this shouldn’t matter since the workflow builds it by itself anyways). Then I click Publish release, and I have made sure not to mark it as a draft. As far as I know, I shouldn’t have to do anything beyond that, right?

I just created a new release v0.2.3 to ensure that a release was made with the workflow file present. However, it would seem nothing is happening still.


The steps you are using look normal, and I do not find any one can prevent the workflow from being triggered when you create a new release.

I have created an internal ticket to help you report the problem to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation.
If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.